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Your Pandemic Partner

Rexall™ Pandemic Prescription Services is a one-stop solution which assists in coordinating the delivery of pandemic plan prescriptions, products and services to meet the needs of companies, their employees and their families. As your pharmacy partner, we will help you prepare for, and respond to, a pandemic emergency.

Built to the rigorous standards of Canadian essential service companies, Rexall™ Pandemic Services provides effective dispensing and distribution of antiviral medication prescriptions. The service is pro-active, flexible, scalable and is fully compliant with current legislation and regulations.

Our services include:

  • Early Antiviral Medication Acquisition Ensure your company and employees are protected by securing adequate supply of antiviral medications in advance.
  • Immediate Electronic Prescription Processing Patient registration is handled in advance of activation and safely stored in our Rexall™ Direct database.
  • Rapid Dispensing As all registration takes place in advance of activation, prescriptions can be available for immediate dispensing.
  • Centralized Distribution Through Rexall™ Direct Canada’s mail order pharmacy - prescriptions are mailed directly to the patient to any address in Canada or to Canadian citizens temporarily residing in the US.
  • Family Plan Options Provide family members a means to access medications, thereby ensuring the integrity of your pandemic plan prescription strategy.
  • Secured Storage Your supply will be safely stored in a regulated facility with full adherence to Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate regulations. You even have the ability to audit and inspect your supply.

Your employees and their families are our patients

Each patient will have an individual profile for medications, building the foundation to a long-term relationship with a Rexall™ pharmacist.