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Long Term Care Pharmacy

At Rexall Health Solutions, we provide highly specialized clinical, medication management, palliative care and mental health services and support for residents of long term care, assisted living, group home and retirement communities. Built on the leading reputation of a trusted healthcare provider, Rexall Health Solutions has a strong pharmacy team dedicated to specialty and senior care pharmacy.

Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with physicians, nurses, residents and their families, to manage complex medication therapies. With the growing complexity of drug regimens, our pharmacists are at the heart of exceptional resident-centric care.

Clinical Programs

Our pharmacists provide valuable input in ways to optimize drug therapy and prevent medication related problems. Our services include:

  • Leading national clinical best practices
  • Comprehensive resident medication profile reviews
  • Supportive counselling and education
  • Medication safety initiatives
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) programs

Educational Programs

Rexall strongly supports opportunities to enhance resident safety and increase efficiencies through continuing education. This is accomplished through:

  • Access to online learning platforms and web-based Learning Management Systems
  • Continuing education delivered through customized, relevant and timely in-services
  • Education and training targeted specifically to Unregulated Care Providers

Technology Support

Our commitment to innovation in the delivery of pharmacy services is supported by our investment in technology. Areas focused on improving resident safety include:

  • Multi-dose pouch packaging; with bar code formats to facilitate bedside scanning
  • Optical verification technology; digital verification of the contents of each packaged pouch
  • eMAR; dose level inventory management, bar-code scanning at point-of-care, and verification of medication pass completion or missed doses

Risk Management and Quality Improvement Program

As a leading Canadian healthcare organization, Rexall is committed to achieving a sustainable quality management program through:

  • National Quality Committee; monitoring of KPI trends and implementation of quality initiatives
  • Policy and Procedure development; representing best practices of procedures for all medication management systems
  • Comprehensive pharmacy system audits for compliance and quality
  • National Clinical Steering Committee; shaping the development of leading clinical programs