What is OneStopMeds?

OneStopMeds is a helpful free service available to all patients who are taking multiple ongoing medications. This service helps you combine all of your medication refill pick-ups into one convenient visit every 30 or 90 days.

How will OneStopMeds help me?

  • Since OneStopMeds is an appointment base program, it allows you to select the refill date that works best for you
  • Have all your medications ready for pick-up at the same time
  • Never run out of medications
  • Pick up your prescriptions with ease
  • Make fewer trips to the pharmacy
  • Set up multiple prescriptions for pick-up on one day, helping you take your medications as prescribed.
  • Improves patient medication adherence

How do I get started with OneStopMeds?

Getting started with OneStopMeds is easy. Your Rexall pharmacy team member can help set up the best pick-up appointment time, refill cycle, and which of your medications would be best to enroll.

OneStopMeds Step 1: Enroll OneStopMeds Step 2: Check-in
OneStopMeds Step 3: Fill OneStopMeds Step 4: Pick-up

Speak to your Rexall pharmacy Team today and pick up all of your prescriptions in one visit.

This program is sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies. No personal or personal health information is shared with such pharmaceutical companies.

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