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Rexall Expiry Alerts:

  • Is a free service
  • Notifies you 14 days prior to the expiry of your emergency medication such as Epipen, Allerject, and/or Twinject auto-injector.
  • Offers you peace of mind that you will always have access to emergency medication with a valid expiry date.

Enrol in store.

How It Works

  1. Reminds you via automated telephone, e-mail, or text message that your emergency medication is about to expire.
  2. Notifies you again after the expiry date if you have not picked up a new course of emergency medication such as an auto-injector.

Other Available Services

  • Product demonstration of auto-injectors such as Epipen, Allerject, and/or Twinject
  • Anaphylaxis education
  • A review of your anaphylaxis action plan
  • Information to sign up for a Medic Alert membership

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