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Take advantage of Specialty Compounding when off-the-shelf just won't do.

There are times when your doctor or another health practitioner will prescribe something that doesn't come straight off the pharmacy shelf. When that happens, your neighbourhood Rexall Pharmacist turns to his or her roots – as a skilled alchemist.

A Proud Tradition – The Apothecary

Before the creation of the modern pharmaceutical system, doctors would hand their patient a handwritten prescription that consisted of a list of medicinal ingredients that needed to be combined in exactly the proper amounts. The patient would then visit the nearest retail shop with a skilled apothecary who would take the list of herbs, chemicals and other ingredients and combine them just so in order to produce the necessary medication.

Our Pharmacist: The Ideal Blend Of Skill & Experience

Your Rexall Pharmacist is also a skilled apothecary, so if your healthcare practitioner prescribes a remedy that needs special preparation, visit your neighbourhood Rexall pharmacy and we'll be happy to prepare it for you.

3 Good Reasons Rexall Provides Specialty Compounding:

  • Customize doses to the unique needs of each individual
  • Create formulations which are not commercially available
  • Eliminate from medicines ingredients you may be sensitive to (like dyes or fillers).

Need a Rexall Pharmacist who can prepare a specialty medication for you? Available at selected stores. See in store for details.