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Rexall’s exclusive Be.better brand offers over 270 products designed to help Canadians live, feel and be better. The extensive line includes healthier snack options, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, gluten-free vitamins, vegetarian probiotics and salon-quality hair care products.

Be.Better Approved Mark

The key features and benefits of every Be.better product are clearly identified by the checkmarks found on the front of the package, making it easier than ever for customers to make better choices.

Food & Snacks

Be.better snack products include items that are
either: high in fibre, low in sodium or
sodium-free, peanut free or gluten free.


Max out on refreshment with our Be.better
beverages. Our line includes Sparkling Flavoured
Juices and Artesian and Sparkling Water.

Beverage Products


Be.better vitamins are naturally-derived with no
synthetic active ingredients. They’re free of artificial
colouring and dyes and are gluten free.

Wellnes Products

Beauty and Personal Care

Much care and consideration is taken in terms of
what we put into our bodies, so what touches our
skin and hair should be just as pure and clean.
Be.better beauty products are enriched with natural
ingredients and are paraben-free.

Beauty and Personal Care Products


Be.better household
products are free of
artificial dyes and
fragrances. Our
products list all
ingredients on
their labels
for easy review.

Household Products
Argan Oil Products Blood Pressure Monitors Fever Thermometer

Featured Products

Be.Better Argan Oil Moisturizer
Be.Better Argan Oil Moisturizer
Be.Better Argan Oil Moisturizer