Follow your medication treatment, the easy way!

Having trouble following your medication treatment? You’re not alone. Half of all people prescribed medications are not using them properly or not using them at all! This can lead to serious health problems, hospitalization, and emergency room visits. Here are a few ways to make it easier to take your medication the right way:

Simplify. Talk to your pharmacist about ways to make your medication routine simpler. You may choose to:

  • switch to medications that are taken less frequently (e.g., once a day)
  • switch to combination products (pills containing 2 or more different medications)
  • switch the dosage form, if another one is available that is easier for you to take (e.g., tablet to liquid)
  • stop medications that you no longer need

Ask for a medication list. Your pharmacist can review your current medications, suggest changes to simplify and improve your medication routine, and provide you with a medication list to help you remember which medications you are taking and when.

Make it part of your routine. Take the medication at the same time as something else you do regularly, such as brushing your teeth. Check with your pharmacist first to see whether your medication needs to be taken with food, on an empty stomach, or at a particular time of day in order to work best.

Organize your medications with a dosette or blister package. These packages organize your medications by day and time so you can see what you need to take when.

Use a memory aid. There are many memory aids available – alarms, calendars, electronic devices, and smartphone apps. Talk to your pharmacist about which one is best for you.

Order automatic prescription refills. Stay on track with your medications by making sure your prescriptions are renewed regularly. There are many convenient options for setting up automatic refills, such as online or by phone, so you will have your prescriptions on hand when you need them.