Strong & Bright Enamel

New Pronamel® Strong & Bright Enamel Mint & Extra Fresh

With twice daily brushing Pronamel® Strong & Bright Enamel:
•Helps strengthen enamel
•Polishes away stains for whiter teeth*
•Provides cavity protection
•Helps protect against the effects of acid erosion
•Fresh mint taste
•Relieves sensitivity


Pronamel Helps Rebuild Strong White Teeth
Pronamel offers a special pH neutral formula, so it is gentler on tooth enamel and helps protect teeth against the effects of acid wear.
Pronamel does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a common foaming agent.
Pronamel actively helps to strengthen and re-harden weakened enamel every time you brush. Learn why Pronamel is the #1 recommended toothpaste by dental professionals for acid wear.

Child-friendly formula

Pronamel® for Children
•Helps reharden acid-softened tooth enamel, keeping children’s teeth strong and healthy
•Has a low abrasive formula that helps protect children's teeth against acid wear
•Contains fluoride to fight cavities
•Removes plaque with brushing
•Freshens breath