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The Rexall Foundation Donates $15,000 to Camp Trillium; Rexall Volunteers Get Camp Trillium Ready for Summer!

The Rexall Foundation Donates $15,000 to Camp Trillium; Rexall Volunteers Get Camp Trillium Ready for Summer!

June 08, 2017

On Wednesday, June 7, a group of 40 Rexall employees from across Eastern Ontario gathered in Wellington, Ontario. Together, they spent a beautiful sunny day cleaning up Camp Trillium, an organization supported by the Rexall Foundation.

Camp Trillium was created in 1984 to reach children with cancer by providing them and their families with fun and enriching recreational opportunities. They began with one camp, 28 campers and 18 staff in London, Ontario – and since then, have grown to more 50 programs across Ontario. 

The Rexall Foundation has been supporting Camp Trillium for five years.  Along with providing financial support – including this year’s donation of $15,000 – many eager Rexall employees volunteer their time to ready the camp before summer begins. 

The day wouldn’t be possible without two Rexall employees, Kim Cathcart and Brenda Blakney, who have organized the volunteer experience for the past four years. But this year proved to be a bit more challenging to organize because of extremely high water levels. 

“The main camp area weathered well, but any areas close to water needed a lot of clean up,” said Cathcart. “So we spent a good chunk of the day removing debris from the water and securing the docks.” 

Rexall volunteers also spent the day preparing the cabins, doing lawn work, and moving equipment out from storage. It’s a hard, but extremely rewarding, day of work. 

“Kim and I are both very passionate about giving back to our community through the Rexall Foundation,” said Blakney. “For us, being at Camp Trillium is the best day of the year.” 

“Camp Trillium opens its doors to everyone touched by cancer with a supportive and fun environment,” said Cathcart. “It’s a wonderful organization.” 

Continued Cathcart, “A few years ago, I met a Camp Trillium counsellor who was a former camper. She has now been cancer free for 10 years and seeing her return as a camp counsellor was so inspiring. Spending one day volunteering is my small way of contributing, and I’m happy to do it and proud that I  am afforded these opportunities through the Rexall Foundation.”