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Rexall Foundation and Rexall Volunteers Participate in Children's Wish Heroes Challenge

Rexall Foundation and Rexall Volunteers Participate in Children's Wish Heroes Challenge

September 21, 2017

The Rexall Foundation is a proud supporter of Children's Wish and on Friday, September 15, 2017, Rexall employees from our store at College Park participated in Children’s Wish Heroes Challenge along with 200 people that attended the event. Children’s Wish Heroes Challenge is a fun-filled day that allows participants to challenge their physical and mental skills by engaging in different team activities while having an instant and direct impact on the life of a wish child! Each event is designed to test team spirit, mental agility, and physical ability.

The challenge is for supporters of Children’s Wish to create their own superhero squad and team up with a child to grant their most heartfelt wish. Each team is tasked with raising $10,000, the average cost of a wish. Rexall’s employees participated in five different team challenges. “It was a special day for the Rexall Superhero Squad, our wish child, Mya and her family,” said Al Chowdury, Manager, Rexall Store 745 – College Park. “Spending the day with Mya was as much fun as it was inspirational. To be able to share that experience with my colleagues from our store and give back to our community is just the right thing to do. I’ve participated in this event for a number of years and I can’t wait to sign up for next year’s Children’s Wish Heroes Challenge.”

Rexall Foundation Children's Wish Heroes Challenge


Here is Mya’s story:


 Age: 7

Diagnosis: ALL

Wish: Disney World

Michelle knew that something was alarmingly wrong with her daughter, Mya when the vibrant 5-year-old was unable to walk. The condition came on very suddenly and Michelle rushed Mya to the doctor who quickly determined that she had juvenile arthritis and she was prescribed strong medication.

Yet, her condition continued to deteriorate; Mya was very pale and she still had difficulty walking.

Once again, Michelle insisted to the doctors that something more serious was wrong with her daughter.

“I just had a bad feeling in my gut,” Michelle says.

Following a visit for Mya to the emergency room, Michelle was taken into a room where six doctors awaited her. They informed her that Mya had cancer.

“I was absolutely shocked! How did we go from an arthritis diagnosis to cancer?”

Since the moment of diagnosis, Mya, now 7-years-old, endured two and a half years of chemotherapy treatment and experienced some very difficult moments. During this time she has had repeated hospital stays due to dangerously high fevers. At one point Mya began experiencing severe headaches and Michelle once again felt that something was very wrong with her daughter.

A quick trip to the hospital confirmed her worst fears – Mya had a blood clot on her brain. This particular hospitalization lasted 10 days.

The magnitude of a mother’s fear for her child’s wellbeing during cancer treatment is a feeling that’s difficult to describe to those that have not experienced it. There is also the fear of a small child who may have some awareness of the seriousness of their condition.

“Mya certainly had thoughts about what was happening to her. The hardest part was when she turned to me one day and said, ‘Mama, I don’t want to go to heaven’,” Michelle says.

Now, “Mya is beyond excited” about going to Disneyland and hopes, deep down, that perhaps Arianna Grande will be there. The anticipation of her most heartfelt wish, being granted by the Children’s Wish Foundation and Rexall Foundation, fills Mya with happiness.

“To know that there are a group of people, strangers to us, that are going to be fundraising to grant Mya’s wish is unbelievable to me. There is so much bad in the world but this makes me realize how much good is in the world. To give a child and a parent this incredible gift makes me not grateful but I feel something far beyond gratitude for what they are doing for us. Thank you!”

Rexall Foundation - Children's Wish Heroes Challenge