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Rexall Foundation’s Mandate Expands to Include Seniors

Rexall Foundation’s Mandate Expands to Include Seniors

December 16, 2015

With Canada’s senior population expected to double over the next 15 years, the Rexall Foundation recognized the opportunity to support the increasing number of programs and services for seniors. The Board of Directors of the Rexall Foundation has unanimously agreed to expand the Foundation’s mandate to include Seniors Health and Wellness’.  

Consideration will be given to proposals from seniors’ charities requesting support in the following areas: programs and services that support seniors’ health and well-being; equipment needs; and construction repairs.

Since 2002, the Foundation has been helping build strong and vibrant communities, by supporting numerous children’s charitable organizations, with the support of customers, vendor partners and employees. Whether it’s a community or children’s hospital or a disease prevention organization, the Rexall Foundation values the role it plays in helping the delivery of numerous programs and services in Canada. 

“When we started out 13 years ago, we had a small budget of $10,000 which didn’t go very far,” said Brian McLaughlin, Rexall Foundation President. “Today, we are fortunate to be able to donate almost 100 times that amount, to over 80 charitable organizations, in the communities where our employees work and live.”

Throughout the month of December, the Rexall Foundation made it’s first four donations to various seniors’ charities, which included:

  • Caledon Meals on Wheels (donation will support weekly social and exercise programs, as well as monthly luncheons)

  • Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice Charitable Foundation (donation will support bed replacement program)

  • Gibson Family Health Care Residents Charitable Foundation (donation will support purchase of health and safety equipment)

  • Assaulted Women's Helpline (donation will support the Senior Safety Line)

“The Rexall Foundation has helped change the lives of thousands of Canadians and under our newly expanded mandate we are confident that we will be able to have a positive impact on thousands more,” said McLaughlin.

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