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Rexall Help

Your Frequently Asked Questions About, Health and More

Where can I get additional information about your programs and services?
For inquiries about our current and seasonal programs and services, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-378-4100 or submit your request using the form on the Contact Us page.

Who can I contact to give feedback about a particular Rexall™ pharmacy?
The best person to give feedback to is the store’s Manager. You can contact the store manager by:

  • Looking up the store's telephone number using our Store Locator; or speaking with the store's manager directly on your next visit.
  • You may also contact Customer Service at 1-877-378-4100 or use the form on the Contact Us page to submit your feedback.

I would like to make a suggestion to improve this site. Whom do I contact?
Visit our Contact Us page and complete our on-line feedback form to submit Web site suggestions or to report any technical issues with the site.

Where can I find corporate information about the Rexall™?
Visit the Company section of this site to learn more about Rexall™.

Where can I find information about Rexall™ Brand products?
Visit the Rexall™ Products section of this site for more information about Rexall™ Brand products or speak to a staff member at any Rexall™ or Rexall Pharma Plus location.

I am a member of the news media. How do I contact the media relations department at Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.?
Call Rexall Support Centre at 905-502-5965 and ask for Corporate Relations.

Where is my nearest Rexall™ or Rexall Pharma Plus location?
Visit our Store Locator to find a Rexall™ or Rexall Pharma Plus location near you, complete with street address, phone number, and a convenient map.

How do I learn about employment within Rexall™ or Rexall Pharma Plus and apply for a job?
Visit our Careers section to apply for open positions or to learn more about working at our stores and company.

Is there an on-line prescription ordering service on your Web site?
Yes. We are pleased to offer this easy to use service for you.

Is this web site for Guardian and I.D.A. stores too?
No, this web site is dedicated to corporate Rexall™ and Rexall Pharma Plus stores. Some Guardian and I.D.A. stores may have a Rexall™ sign on their store front because they sell Rexall™ products. They are not affiliated or owned and operated by Rexall and therefore the promotions on this site are not applicable to Guardian or I.D.A. stores.