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Rexall's Ready-2-Quit program is designed with YOU in mind. An Initial Assessment and personalized Quit plan that you complete with your pharmacist, provides you with support, information and contact touch points throughout your quit process.

1Educate yourself on quitting smoking

2Get ready to quit

3Talk to a Rexall Pharmacist today

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Don't 'Weight' To Butt Out

By using a stop smoking aid, and avoiding going cold turkey, you can give up cigarettes without packing on the pounds. Here’s how. There is no time like the present...

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How Smoking Hurts Your Mouth

Smoking tobacco can cause serious health problems and can also affect the appearance and health of your mouth and gums. While the effects of smoking on your lungs…

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How to Successfully Quit Smoking

Cigarettes have a bad rap for good reason. According to Health Canada, smoking negatively impacts almost every organ in your body and is linked to over two-dozen...

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Stroke Savvy

When you think about the risk of cardiovascular disease, which include heart attack and stroke, you probably worry more about your partner or aging parents than yourself...

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