Invented by the BIODERMA Laboratory, micellar water has revolutionized the make-up removal routine. Our H2O Micellar solutions are able to remove all traces of makeup, sebum and various impurities from face and eyes while respecting the skin, in only one step.

Eczema prone-skin routine

To have a soothed, comfortable and more resistant skin, in a lasting way, this is the best routine for dry to eczema prone-skin: Atoderm Shower Oil and Intensive Balm. Used together they bring +93% hydration and strengthen the skin barrier.


External factors such as pollution, UV rays and stresscan dehydrate your skin. Hydrabio Serum increases the hydration rate by 57% in 15 min. Hydrabio Cream and Gel-Cream generate a long-lasting hydration and intense radiance.

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